Editions Lefebvre Sarrut

Editions Lefebvre Sarrut

Editions Lefebvre Sarrut

Publishing & Training

Editions Lefebvre Sarrut is a European group structured around two activities, professional publishing (essentially legal, tax and statutory) and training. The group appeared in 1999 with the merger of Editions Législatives and the Editions Francis Lefebvre. Since then, the Group has developed both by organic growth thanks to its ability to innovate and externally all over Europe.

Vision     Mission     Values

Our values



Respect (best summed by the words of Jean-Baptiste Bleu, recently deceased, President of ELS Group until 2011): everyone is required to do their work to the best of their ability and be involved with the company's growth.

Trust in each employee. This does not exclude the control and the follow-up of assigned tasks. But it creates a climate of respect and relative freedom,

The largest autonomy possible for executing assignments and a work environment where each one of us can be as creative as possible,

Internal promotion as a priority, whenever it’s possible,

Appropriate behaviour when facing difficulties.


Customer proximity: our clients are our “raison d’être”, satisfying them is our main goal. What we owe to them :

Pertinent and personalized solutions of the highest quality: that match as well as possible our clients’ needs, that solve their everyday issues and offer them ever more value and ease of use,

To achieve long-term success: permit our clients to know current applicable law, but equally its past evolutions for a better understanding ; assure them of our ability to accompany them all along their professional career,

To be innovative and indispensable: create new state-of-art solutions, be a forerunner, the market reference,

To be reliable and accurate: as much as in the substance and in the access to our solutions, mostly digital.


Growth and independence,
Privilege a long-term vision,
Reinforce our business model,
Ensure the company's future



in 8 European countries

France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany.

  • 1st

    French legal and tax publisher

  • 4th

    legal and tax publisher worldwide

  • 2500


  • 500M€

    of revenue

Management Board

  • Olivier Campenon
    • Chairman of the Management Board ELS
  • Luc Barbier
    • Member of the Board
    • General Manager of the Training division
  • Audrey Perrin
    • Head of the Publishing division
  • Rudi Mesotten
    • Special advisor for the publishing division alongside the Management Board

Publishing Executive Committee

Alongside Olivier Campenon, Audrey Perrin and Rudi Mesotten :

  • Pascale Besse
    • Financial Director
  • Philippe Déroche
    • Co-head of Dalloz
  • Laurent Cheruy
    • Co-head of Dalloz and of Editions Législatives
  • Renaud Lefebvre
    • Head of the Editions Francis Lefebvre
  • Sylvie Faye
    • Co-head of Editions Législatives
  • Peter Bosschem
    • Head of ELS Belgium (Larcier – Indicator)
  • Giuseppe De Gregori
    • Head of Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre
  • Sam van Oostrom
    • Head of Juris
  • Paul-Etienne Pimont
    • Managing Director of Larcier Legal
  • Juan Pujol
    • Head of Lefebvre El Derecho
  • Sander de Groot
    • Head of SDU

Training Executive Committee

Alongside Olivier Campenon and Luc Barbier :

  • Aurélie Feld
    • Head of CSP Formation
  • Catherine Legargeant
    • Head of Dalloz Formation
  • Marie-Florence Robert
    • Head of Elegia
  • Natacha de Saint Vincent
    • Head of Francis Lefebvre Formation
  • Patrizia Giancane
    • Manager for the training activity of Giuffrè
  • Emilie Burel
    • Director i-ELS Training
  • Maaike van Buul
    • Manager for the training activity of SDU
  • Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza
    • Manager for the training activity of Lefebvre-El Derecho

Management Group

  • Pascale Besse
    Financial Director
  • Mohammed Bellamine
    Information systems head
  • Frederic Carvalheiro
    Group chief legal officer
  • Thomas Sarazain
    Group HR Director
  • Paul Bellavoine
    Deputy Director
  • Renaud de Saint Sernin
    Group CCO

Supervisory Board

  • Vincent Barbier
    • Chairman
  • Sabine Matheson
    • Vice-Chairman
  • Frédéric Chevallier
  • Olivier Delattre
  • Antoine Ludovic Denis
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Morin
  • Denis Payre
  • Benoît Sillard


Today the publishing activity represents over 360 M€ in revenue, the majority of which comes from providing online services. We help meet our clients requirements every day with new online products based on high quality content. The publishing activity is composed of 2000 employees, editors, writers, computer staff and commercial, marketing and support teams.

  • Dalloz (since 1845) :

    Editor of a large selection of books, magazines, encyclopedias, portals and online solutions for lawyers, other legal professions, students, academics and public administrations. Thanks to its books and periodicals, its department Juris in Lyon is a reference in legal matters for nonprofit organizations. 

    The company also owns a bookstore Rue Soufflot in Paris.

    • 210 employees,
      over 50
      M in revenue.
    • Head office :
      31-35 rue Froidevaux
      75685 Paris Cedex 14
    • www.editions-dalloz.fr

  • Editions Legislatives (since 1947) :

    Publisher of the ELnet portals, inventor of the Dictionnaires Permanents, for companies and in particular their human resources services, certified accountants, real estate professionals and social & HSE professionals, public administration and more generally most legal professions.

  • Editions Francis Lefebvre (since 1930) :

    Tax, legal and accounting publisher, for accountants, companies  and lawyers. EFL are the inventor of the Memento concept, a practical tool indispensable for legal and accounting professionals. Editor of the Navis and Inneo practice suites and other software solutions, EFL use a recognized know-how and modern techniques of publishing and online distribution.

    • 350 employees,
      over 100 M€ in revenue.
    • Head office :
      42 rue de Villiers
      92532 Levallois Perret Cedex


  • Sdu (since 1814) :

    2nd legal publisher in the Netherlands, with a wide range of digital and paper offerings (databases and online services, tools and software, mobile applications, magazines and books) for lawyers, companies, accountants, in-house specialists and public actors. SDU also offers events and seminars.

    • 330 employees,
      71 M in revenue.
    • Head Office :
      Princes Beatrixlaan 116 

      2595 AL Den Haag
    • www.sdu.nl

  • Lefebvre-El Derecho :

    Number one legal publisher in Spain, Lefebvre-El Derecho results from the merger of the subsidiary created in Spain in 1989 by the Editions Francis Lefebvre and the company El Derecho Quantor, acquired in 2010. Lefebvre-El Derecho offers a wide range of paper-based, online and mobile documentary solutions for legal and accounting professionals.

    • 400 employees,
      33M€ in revenue.
    • Head office :
      Calle de Suso y Yuso Monasterios, 34
      28049 Madrid


  • Indicator - ELS Belgium :

    Legal publisher for SME and their counsels. Letters of advice and associated portals composed of short, concise explanations, written in a clear, understandable language.

    Precise and complete articles that are immediately applicable concerning regulatory changes, jurisprudence, illustrated by practical cases.

    Thanks to Indicator and Larcier, ELS is now the leader in Belgium on all the segments of fiscal and legal publishing.

    • 160 employees,
      over 24 M in revenue.
    • Head office :
      Tiensesteenweg 306
      3000 Leuven
      Other locations : United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and France
    • www.indicator.be

  • Larcier group - ELS Belgium :

    Larcier group, thanks to its prestigious legal publishing brands such as Larcier, Bruylant, Promoculture-Larcier, offers solutions adapted to the specific needs of every legal professionnal from Belgium, Luxembourg and France (lawyers, judges, notaries, legal practitioner...).

    Main provider of all legal information and highly respected, its complete editorial offer is composed of the most comprehensive legal database of Belgium (Strada lex), of over 300 new monographs per year, of 5 collections of Codes, of computational software and a rich training catalogue. Larcier group is the number 1 legal publisher in Belgium.

    Besides it legal segment, Larcier Group also addresses Business and HR professionnals in Belgium with its label Larcier Business and its mainly digital offer. 

    Thanks to Indicator and Larcier, ELS is now the leader in Belgium on all the segments of fiscal and legal publishing.

    • Approximately 130 employees, 30 M€ in revenue

    • Head office :
      Rue Haute, 139/6
      1000 Brussels
    • www.larciergroup.com

  • Memento Francis Lefebvre :

    Joint-venture with Wolters Kluwer since 1991, offers solutions for legal and accounting professionals, and in particular the concept of the Memento in Italian law.

    • 40 employees
      around 12 M€ in revenue.
    • Head office :
      Strada 1 Palazzo F6
      20090 Assago (MI), Italie

    • www.memento.it

  • Giuffrè Editore (since 1931) :

    Giuffrè Editore is the leading legal publisher in Italy. For more than 80 years, Giuffrè Editore has been the partner of legal and tax professionals with editorial content and innovative services that are always inspired by their real needs.

    • 140 employees,
      over 50 M€ in revenue.
    • Head office :
      via Busto Arsizio, 40
      20151 Milano


  • juris :

    1st online legal publisher in Germany, a joint-venture with the Federal Government with the contribution of independent publishers. 

    • 190 employees,
      over 45M€ in revenue.
    • Head Office :
      Gutenbergstrasse 23
      66 117 Sarrebruck, Allemagne

    • www.juris.de



Today the training subsidiaries represent over 40 M€ in revenue, the majority of which comes from providing inter and intracompany training. Innovation is one of its core values and contributes significantly to their growth. The training entities are composed of 150 employees, trainers, computer staff, commercial, marketing and support teams.

  • Francis Lefebvre Formation (since 1894) :

    Leader of training in accounting, finance, tax and law for companies and their counsellors with a catalogue of over 440 courses in 11 fields of expertise such as tax, accounting, finance, bank insurance or corporate law. Francis Lefebvre Formation ensures every year the training of over 20 000 persons from companies and advisory, in various formats (inter, intra, short session, news, e-learning, certifying). Two-thirds of the companies of the CAC 40 and of SBF 120 as well as numerous SME of all sectors are equally clients of Francis Lefebvre Formation. 

    • 45 employees, about 14 M€ in revenue

    • Head office:
      13-15 rue Viète
      75017 Paris

    • www.flf.fr

  • Elegia (since 1992) :

    Prominent in training in social law and human resources, it offers equally training in health safety, quality, environment, finance, urban planning, construction, real-estate management, management and personal development. With near to 20000 participants a year, ELEGIA offers training managers multimodal solutions, from classroom to distance learning courses, inter-company or made-to-measure to satisfy their more specific needs. From the short session to courses leading to a certificate or a diploma, all options are possible and customizable. 

    • 45 employees, 13 M€ in revenue

    • Head office :
      80 avenue de la Marne
      92546 Montrouge Cedex

    • www.elegia.fr

  • CSP (since 1969) :

    Founded in 1969, CSP is your partner for developing your individual skills and your organisations' collective abilities by :
    ⇒ Making people the focus of its work; 
    ⇒ Assigning emotions a central role;
    ⇒ Giving the right answers to its clients needs;
    ⇒ Using innovative means of training.

    A true "training architect" thanks to its expertise in design and deployment of made-to-measure projets and innovations, CSP is the intracompany training leader in the French market. CSP offers equally over 300 vocational trainings in 10 major areas (management, leadership, project management, HR, written and oral communication, professional efficiency, QSE, client relationship/sales, finance).

    • 85 employees, 300 partners, about 18 M€ in revenue

    • Head office :
      33 rue de Chateaudun
      75009 Paris

    • www.csp.fr

  • Dalloz Formation :

    A department of Dalloz that offers over 500 practical and up-to-date courses for legal professionals : lawyers, solicitors, companies, certified accountants, real estate professionals, bailiffs, local authorities. Prépa Dalloz prepares students to the entry exam to regional Bar schools. Dalloz Métiers Publics trains public servants and offers preparation for Civil Service Entrance exams.


  • Sdu Opleidingen & Events (SOE) :

    SOE offers courses for legal professionals, particularly lawyers. SOE is well-known for its excellent speakers on a wide variety of courses and offers around 250 training days a year. In 2015, SOE is planning on expanding its offer in e-learning and with courses designed specifically for legal counsels.

Key Jobs

  • Editor-Writer

    Job description:
    Produce editorial content in various mediums (paper, digital, audiovisual) and diverse formats (documents, Codes, Mementos, books, magazines, professional press) at varying frequency (from the daily news to the academic monograph).  
    These assignments require various competencies :
    • Editor, editorial staff  : definition of the format and the editorial line of the publication, planning and budgets, team management.
    • Writer : legal watch, selection and analysis of primary sources of law ; draft of commentaries ; design and update databases and interactive digital tools. 
    • Journalist : collect further information and comment on them, choose topics and page setup.


    Staff: 630 employees
  • Trainers

    Job description:
    • Conduct training courses, advisory activity, individual and group coaching, team-building;
    • Customer relationship and representation of the company and direct sales to regular and prospective clients;
    • Contribute to the companies’ growth thanks to the management of made-to-measure projects, sales support, the execution of cross-group projects and the contribution to innovation;
    • Preparation work, administrative and reporting tasks relative to the above-mentioned assignments.
    Staff: 86 employees
  • IT

    Job description:
    • Design, develop and manage the IT resources for the Group and for our clients;
    • Ensure the creation and the multimedia production;
    • Lead project portfolio reviews per country;
    • Frame technical standards and the methods for project management;
    • Take part in discussing and sharing best practices through “Centres of Excellence”.


    Staff: 227 employees
  • Sales and marketing

    Job description:
    • Develop a portfolio of clients and guarantee a sales revenue; manage online and offline direct sales operations;
    • Assist the sales forces by organizing communication operations and by producing adequate formats;
    • Guarantee the external and internal coherence of the communication campaigns of the brand;
    • Organize the reception of phone calls and assist clients.


    Staff: 731 employees
  • Financial department

    Job description:
    • Establish the financial reports;
    • Carry out sales administration;
    • Take part in the acquisition operations of the group, mainly their valuation, due diligence;
    • Guarantee : the respect of the best practices of internal control and of the IFRS accounting norms and the enforcement of tax regulation in each country.
    Staff: 138 employees
  • Human resources

    Job description:
    • Put in place a human resources policy that is in line with the strategy and the values of the Group;
    • Assist and advise employees in order to further their professional evolution, by improving their talents;
    • Organize and improve social dialogue.
    Staff: 31 employees
  • Legal

    Job description:
    • Provide counsel to the executives, the shareholders and to the operational teams concerning business law, commercial law, intellectual property, authors‘ rights, insurance and litigation (besides labour disputes), real estate & property law
    • Legal follow-up of the foreign subsidiaries ; 
    • Mergers & acquisitions and divestments. 
    Staff: 5 employees