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Paris, 27th November 2018. Legaltech firm easyQuorum and the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group have announced that they will be joining forces to develop and launch a digital solution that will revolutionise how general meetings, such as those that a company and its board is under obligation to hold every year to deal with administrative tasks of low added value, are run.

The easyQuorum solution will enhance the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group’s offering when it is incorporated into its AJ2Web interface, automating all of the functions involved in preparing for and holding a GM and thus representing a significant time saving for its clients. This suite of innovative and interactive functions also encourages more effective communication with shareholders

and is expected to be fully operational within the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group by January 2019.

Making life easier for shareholders

The collaborative environment in which it operates allows easyQuorum to provide a digital shareholders area giving each shareholder access to all of the documents pertaining to the GM and enabling them to use an electronic proxy system, submit a postal vote and apply their electronic signature to any document, all from their computer or smartphone and in under a minute.

Supporting company legal departments

On the business and consultancy side of things, the tool automates the production and circulation of documents, manages feedback in real time and relieves the legal team of low-added-value tasks.

As far as easyQuorum founder Antoine Micaud is concerned, “legal professionals spend a lot of time dealing with repetitive and time-consuming tasks and these new functionalities will help them to focus more on high-added-value legal assignments. These tools will also revolutionise relationships between companies and their shareholders, who can now access information and documents pertaining to GMs, use an electronic proxy system, submit questions in writing, etc. via their dedicated area”.

Emmanuel de Truchis, Head of Development at Editions Lefebvre Sarrut, meanwhile, explains that “we are very happy to be joining forces with a Legaltech firm as professional and innovative as EasyQuorum. They bring real added value to our service offering in a field in which our clients have expressed a strong appetite for new solutions that will make life easier for them and save them time. This makes us the only group to offer an intuitive, economic and fully digital solution for preparing, circulating and managing customised documents, whilst our clients also enjoy greater transparency and traceability”. 

About the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group

The Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group is a leading European player in the knowledge economy and has long established itself as a trustworthy partner in the legal, fiscal and regulatory markets. The group offers documentary solutions and training services designed to improve its clients’ professional efficiency. 

For more information about the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group please visit lefebvre- sarrut.eu.

About easyQuorum

easyQuorum is a French legaltech firm serving professionals in the legal and accounting fields through its innovative solution for digitising and automating General Meetings (GMs) and Boards of Directors.
The start-up offers legal professionals the opportunity to automate the production of the legal documents pertaining to GMs and Boards of Directors, simplify session organisation, create a dedicated shareholders area and centralise and share corporate information and documents thanks to its SaaS solution, which is also easy to customise and incorporate into an accessible and intuitive client interface.
Founded by Antoine Micaud in 2017, easyQuorum aims to revolutionise the GM.

Visit easyquorum.com and stand 236 at the Village de la Legaltech on 27th and 28th November.

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