Laetitia Desfossés is appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Lefebvre Sarrut group

Paris, 16 september 2019. The Lefebvre Sarrut group announces the appointment of Laetitia Desfossés as Chief Financial Officer to support the group’s development in France and Europe.

Lefebvre Sarrut further strengthens its training division with its acquisitions of Bärchen and Docendi

Paris, 23 july 2019. The Lefebvre Sarrut group has today announced two major acquisitions in the training sector, the first concerning Bärchen – a training body specialising in banking, finance and insurance and the leading French AMF certification company -, the second Docendi – a French firm specialising in packaged ‘blended’ learning programmes combining classroom-based training with digital support.

Debt recovery: partnership between Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur

Paris, le 3 july 2019. Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur, both partner companies to the Lefebvre Sarrut group, recently signed a partnership agreement allowing them to offer additional debt recovery services.

Legaltech start-up Data Legal Drive chooses the Lefebvre Sarrut group, a major player in the European knowledge economy, to accelerate its growth

Paris, le 21 may 2019. As we approach the first anniversary of the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the Lefebvre Sarrut group and start-up Data Legal Drive are strengthening their partnership with a view to supporting companies in ensuring that their data is compliant.

Olivier Campenon: “Brexit: an opportunity for continental civil law”

Paris, le 13 may 2019. [REPORT] As far as the President of the Lefebvre Sarrut group’s Board of Directors is concerned, Brexit could lead to the decline in common law as one of several legal systems adopted by the European Union member states.

Data anonymisation: Lefebvre Sarrut and DINSIC sign a partnership to accelerate open data

Paris, 25 April 2019   The Lefebvre Sarrut Group and DINSIC - the French interministerial directorate in charge of digital affairs and the central government’s information and communication systems - have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to accelerate open public data. Under the terms of this agreement, the Lefebvre Sarrut Group will provide [...]

Sumi Saint Auguste takes over coordination of the Lefebvre Sarrut Group Innovation Lab

Paris, 4 February 2019, the Lefebvre Sarrut Group has appointed Mrs. Sumi Saint Auguste to coordinate its Innovation Lab.

Lefebvre Sarrut and Le Village by CA unveil the winners of their call for applications.

#LegalTech, #RegTech and #Compliance.   Paris, 25 March 2019 Le Village by CA, a unique ecosystem where start-ups and big groups join forces to innovate together, and Lefebvre Sarrut, the European leader in the knowledge economy, reveal the winners of their joint call for applications. The jury received 100 applications. Out of the 100 applications, 9 were [...]

Innovation in the legal and accounting professions in Europe.

A new study highlights the professions undergoing radical change. The Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group has revealed the initial findings of its European study on innovation in the legal, fiscal and accounting professions that saw the group interview 1,500 professionals in five countries.   Paris, 28th November 2018. The initial findings of the European Lefebvre Sarrut [...]

Fully digital General Meetings brought to you by the Lefebvre Sarrut Group

Paris, 27th November 2018. Legaltech firm easyQuorum and the Editions Lefebvre Sarrut Group have announced that they will be joining forces

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