ESG Webinars

ESG: Journey to sustainability

This webinar provides an overview of ESG trends. Speakers discuss the role of the corporate community in driving ESG initiatives. Trends in voluntary ESG disclosure and best practices are also discussed.

Dual materiality and internal control. Two major challenges on the road to sustainability

The proposed EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), published on April 21, 2021, has established new guidelines on which companies must report, how they must report and what measures they must take to ensure adequate disclosure of information on their risks and opportunities, as well as on their social and environmental …


With the Green Deal, the European Commission puts a strong emphasis on sustainability. In order to enforce the sustainability policy within companies in Europe, it introduces, among other things, the directive on sustainability reporting by companies. This new CSRD legislation obliges thousands of companies to produce detailed environmental, social and governance reports (ESG).



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