ESG by Lefebvre Sarrut, a complete ESG offering

In a fast-changing environment, you need to monitor new regulations and understand the implications for your business, keep your skills up to date, share best practices, find the right answers to your questions and have access to effective tools for collecting data and reporting on your non-financial performance.

That’s where Lefebvre Sarrut comes in. Activating knowledge for a fairer, more efficient and sustainable society is our raison d’être. We put all our know-how at your disposal to help you manage environmental, social and governance challenges (ESG criteria, CSRD requirements, tax rules, etc.).

To help you clarify what CSRD means for your activity, download our white paper.


News on environmental and social compliance

Lefebvre Sarrut announces GenIA-L, the first European generative AI solution in legal publishing field

Lefebvre Sarrut, the European leader in legal and tax knowledge, has begun rolling out GenIA-L, the first European generative AI solution dedicated to the legal market. Integrated into NEO and QMemento databases in Spain, GenIA-L is now on the Spanish market and will shortly be available to clients and partners …

Lefebvre Sarrut publishes 2022 ESG Commitment Report

Lefebvre Sarrut, the European leader in legal and tax knowledge, has published its 2022 ESG (environmental, social and governance) Commitment Report. While presenting the Group’s commitments and actions, the report also provides an overview of Lefebvre Sarrut’s ESG policy for improving its impact in the next few years. Five commitments …

To support companies tackling upcoming ESG/CSR obligations, Lefebvre Sarrut lands digital hubs in 6 countries across Europe

News release Paris, 11 July 2023 Lefebvre Sarrut Group, European leader in legal and tax knowledge, lands digital hubs in 6 countries across Europe by providing contents curated locally in order to be more respondent to needs and insights of local markets.   Managing company business responsibly, taking into account …

Three pillars to manage ESG from A to Z


Check out news, webinars and podcasts to understand the legislation and share best practices.


Learn from ESG experts, access training and certifications to improve your practices and action plans.


Collect, monitor and analyze all your ESG indicators in one place in your ESG by Lefebvre software suite.


ESG by Lefebvre Sarrut in 7 European countries

Your webinars to understand everything about ESG

ESG: Journey to sustainability

This webinar provides an overview of ESG trends. Speakers discuss the role of the corporate community in driving ESG initiatives. Trends in voluntary ESG disclosure and best practices are also discussed.

Dual materiality and internal control. Two major challenges on the road to sustainability

The proposed EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), published on April 21, 2021, has established new guidelines on which companies must report, how they must report and what measures they must take to ensure adequate disclosure of information on their risks and opportunities, as well as on their social and environmental …

Our commitments to corporate social responsibility

Activating knowledge for a fairer and more sustainable society.

Its ethical charter

Make visible the working methodology and the expectations of the stakeholders.


Its non-financial performance statement

Lefebvre Sarrut’s ambition is to be a responsible leader in its sector in terms of ethics, society and sustainable development.
The objective of our group, in accordance with our values, is to contribute to a fairer and more transparent world.


Our raison d'être

As the European leader in legal, fiscal and regulatory knowledge, Lefebvre Sarrut offers innovative and effective solutions to companies and regulated professions so that they can understand and rely on regulations, standards and the law to develop their activities. Lefebvre Sarrut is also a privileged partner of public and private institutions, both national and international, and of students.

Throughout its development, Lefebvre Sarrut has always renewed and enriched its offer to adapt to the challenges of a changing world, with a constant concern for excellence and mutual trust with its clients. This translates into a strong proximity with each of its markets, reinforced in this digital era, and by a wide sharing of its legal, educational and practical expertise throughout its ecosystem.

The commitment of the Lefebvre Sarrut Group’s employees and partners contributes to its success every day. The support and confidence of its shareholders ensure the sustainability of its model, by combining economic, societal and environmental performance.

Télécharger notre raison d’être

Our CSR in action

Ensure access to the law

As a leader in the field of legal, fiscal and regulatory knowledge, Lefebvre Sarrut works alongside public players to support the rule of law.

Contribute to building a sustainable world

Lefebvre Sarrut assesses and reduces the environmental impact of its activities by working in collaboration with all its stakeholders.

Give customers a head start

We constantly anticipate changes in your business by building tomorrow’s solutions. Lefebvre Sarrut constantly invests in innovation and in building an environment of partnerships.

Provide employees with an inspiring work environment.

Innovative and collaborative work methods promote the professional and personal development of employees.

Strengthening compliance to promote business development

Identify and understand regulatory changes to enable you to be in compliance and to use the law as a lever for development.