Data anonymisation: Lefebvre Sarrut and DINSIC sign a partnership to accelerate open data

Paris, 25 April 2019


The Lefebvre Sarrut Group and DINSIC – the French interministerial directorate in charge of digital affairs and the central government’s information and communication systems – have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to accelerate open public data.

Under the terms of this agreement, the Lefebvre Sarrut Group will provide the DINSIC Etalab task force with the anonymisation algorithm initially developed to meet the Group’s needs.

This agreement will allow Etalab to capitalise on the resources offered by Lefebvre Sarrut in order to implement the policy of opening and sharing public data in all areas where this requires the anonymisation of documents available to all.

One of the first fields in which the joint work between the Etalab task force and Lefebvre Sarrut will be applied is accelerating the publication of court judgements as open data.

The term of the partnership contract signed between DINSIC and Lefebvre Sarrut is one year. This contract does not give rise to any financial contribution or compensation.

When it comes to access to legal information, open public data is a citizen’s issue. It is a vector of universal rights. It is also one of our Group’s missions to facilitate access to the law, in particular through the use of new technologies”, explained Olivier Campenon, President of Lefebvre Sarrut. “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Etalab to support the French government in its policy of opening and sharing public data”, he added.

About Lefebvre Sarrut

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