Debt recovery: partnership between Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur

Paris, 3 july 2019


Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur, both partner companies to the Lefebvre Sarrut group, recently signed a partnership agreement allowing them to offer additional debt recovery services.


Lefebvre Sarrut founded Rocket Lawyer Europe, a joint venture with Rocket Lawyer Inc., four years ago, whilst new start-up Rubypayeur is one of the four companies that Lefebvre Sarrut is supporting via its start-up accelerator, in partnership with VillagebyCA.


The partnership agreement signed between Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur on 12 June will enable the two to offer a number of additional debt recovery services, notably for clients of the Lefebvre Sarrut group.


The partnership between these two innovative players, both of which strive to reinvent the services available to businesses, was an obvious move, with Rocket Lawyer, on the one hand, offering legal documents designed to help businesses to independently recover unpaid invoices and Rubypayeur, on the other, overseeing all aspects of the debt recovery process in the event that initial attempts to recover unpaid invoices should prove unsuccessful.

The Rocket Lawyer platform consequently now gives its clients the opportunity to access Rubypayeur services via its dedicated debt recovery guides and documents.

Rubypayeur users, meanwhile, will be able to use Rocket Lawyer forms to send reminders to debtors, which they must do prior to launching debt recovery proceedings.


Rocket Lawyer and Rubypayeur share the same vision and value proposition that will allow companies to develop their operations comfortably whilst asserting their rights in a smooth, simple and integrated manner.


Working with strategic partners and international players such as Rocket Lawyer will enable us to achieve our aim of becoming a key player in the debt recovery industry”, Rubypayeur CEO Alexandre Bardin explains.


As far as Rocket Lawyer Europe MD Christophe Chevalley is concerned, “this partnership represents a natural progression since our services are perfectly complementary, and it is vital that we offer simple solutions because problems with unpaid invoices are one of the main causes of bankruptcy among small businesses”.


Where the legaltech, fintech, regtech and govtech sectors are concerned”, Olivier Campenon, President of the Lefebvre Sarrut group, points out, “our strategy involves developing and strengthening partnerships. Our clients in the business world, along with those working in regulated professions, expect Lefebvre Sarrut to offer service innovations that companies like Rocket Lawyer, and very young start-ups like Rubypayeur, are particularly well placed to create. Encouraging this type of agreement will make us more agile and allow us to offer our clients the services that will support them moving forwards in their respective roles”, he adds.

About Lefebvre Sarrut

Lefebvre Sarrut is the leader in France in high-added-value solutions for legal and regulated companies and professions.

The group offers a comprehensive range of services including publishing, training and legal solutions via a number of trusted brands, namely Editions Francis Lefebvre, Dalloz, Editions Législatives and CSP in France.

The group also operates in 7 other European countries with brands such as Larcier (Belgium and Luxembourg), SDU (Netherlands), Lefebvre (Spain), Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre (Italy), Juris (Germany) and Indicator (Belgium and the United Kingdom).

Lefebvre Sarrut is a family group driven by the key values of proximity, excellence and sharing. It currently has some 2,600 employees in Europe and generated a turnover of €500m in 2018. 


About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer was founded based on the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality legal services that are easy to use and affordable, and the platform has helped tens of millions of households and small businesses in the United States since 2008. Rocket Lawyer is now developing its operations in Europe through a joint venture with Lefebvre Sarrut not only in France but also in Spain and the Netherlands.



About Rubypayeur

Rubypayeur is a solution designed to put an end to delayed payments and hold poor payers to account, giving business owners all the tools they need to gather the necessary information and protect and defend themselves against late payers. Rubypayeur effectively offers businesses an alternative to the otherwise quantitative consequences for the debtor at an affordable price that is proportionate to the value of the debt. This community-based recovery platform created specifically with B2B debt in mind allows users to launch an amicable debt recovery procedure that, unless the debt is consequently paid, results in the delayed payment being reported on a search engine listing the payment practices of over 10 million French businesses and establishments.



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