Legaltech start-up Data Legal Drive chooses the Lefebvre Sarrut group, a major player in the European knowledge economy, to accelerate its growth

Paris, 21 may 2019


As we approach the first anniversary of the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the Lefebvre Sarrut group and start-up Data Legal Drive are strengthening their partnership with a view to supporting companies in ensuring that their data is compliant.

In addition to the commercial and editorial partnership established with Editions Législatives and Dalloz announced in late 2018, Lefebvre Sarrut has now also acquired shares in Data Legal Drive.


Éditions Législatives and Dalloz, both French subsidiaries of the Lefebvre Sarrut group, announced, last November, the formation of a commercial and editorial partnership, the only one of its kind, with business GDPR management digitisation platform Data Legal Drive, developed in partnership with legal firm Staub & Associés. The fundraising campaign executed by the young French start-up 6 months later and involving the aforementioned company only served to reinforce the remarkable success of its launch on the market.

Now, just 12 months after it was launched, over 200 organisations of all sizes (including SMEs, intermediate-sized companies, key accounts and regional authorities) and spanning all sectors (industry, media, technology, property, insurance, services and retail, among others) have placed their trust in the combination of legal and technological expertise that the start-up offers when it comes to managing their data.


The aims where Data Legal Drive is concerned are plain to see: consolidate growth, improve technology and attract talent

Establishing itself as a vital tool when it comes to compliant data management would take expertise and legitimacy.

Sylvain Staub, the man behind Data Legal Drive and founder of legal firm Staub & Associés, explains that “less than a year after we launched we have increased our capital by €1m with the Lefebvre Sarrut group. The fact that such a prestigious player in the legal sector has chosen to invest in our company is a sign of recognition for our work, which reinforces our view that, in order to digitise a process, you need a huge amount of experience of the role in question.  Data Legal Drive must now ensure that it continues to grow in order to stay ahead of the game,  and this new shareholder will enable us to improve our technology and attract new talent, initially engineers and developers, which are so central to what we do and so hard to find”.


The Lefebvre Sarrut group demonstrates its support for the French legaltech market for the benefit of its clients

The Lefebvre Sarrut group is a European group with branches in 8 countries, including France. Our services are designed to provide information and training to help companies to make decisions quickly and meticulously in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements”, Chairman of the Lefebvre Sarrut Board of Directors Olivier Campenon reminds us.

The introduction of the GDPR brought with it new obligations that companies are now having to fulfil or risk incurring severe penalties. What we are doing is designed to make them easier to comply with”.

“The GDPR has had a massive impact, notably on commercial practices, marketing strategies and personal data management on the part of HR departments across all companies. Data Protection Officers need simple and reliable tools and services, which is exactly what the platform created by Data Legal Drive offers, meaning that it is of interest to all of our clients, right throughout Europe”.

About Lefebvre Sarrut

The Lefebvre Sarrut group is the leader in France in value-added services in the legal and tax market. A trusted third-party and partner to its customers, the group markets a unified information, documentation and training offering. Lefebvre Sarrut targets all public and private professionals, businesses and committees, whether in the legal, human resources or financial management sectors. The group is established in 8 countries, with 2,600 employees in Europe and a turnover of €500M in 2018.


About Data Legal Drive

Data Legal Drive was created in May 2018 at the instigation of Sylvain Staub, lawyer and founder of legal firm Staub & Associés, who has been an expert in IT and personal data law for over 20 years.

Data Legal Drive is a SaaS platform that allows companies to quickly and easily digitise the implementation and maintenance of all aspects of their GDPR compliance, regardless of whether or not they have a DPO, including producing a processing map, keeping a register, legal and technical diagnoses, action management, managing applications for rights and data violations, monitoring contracts and training, access to GDPR-compliant model clauses and legal notices, legal monitoring and a database of practical information regarding personal data law, among other things.


About Cabinet Staub & Associés

Legal firm Staub & Associés has been focusing on IT and personal data law for the past 15 years, spanning all aspects of the digital sphere (software, databases, cloud computing, connected devices, blockchains, etc.) and supporting clients when it comes to the feasibility of their projects, formalising their contracts and handling disputes.


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