Lefebvre Sarrut helps create the Refugees@Business Guide app to support Ukrainian refugees in seven European countries

Lefebvre Sarrut, the European leader in legal, tax and regulatory knowledge, has helped create an app to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in Europe since the start of the war. Launched by the Immigration Guidance Foundation, the app was created in cooperation with Lefebvre Sarrut (a founding member of the foundation).



Building on Lefebvre Sarrut’s legal and digital expertise, Refugees@Business Guide helps refugees navigate through the relevant rules and regulations to find work or successfully start their own businesses. Given the varying legal situation and administrative procedures in different countries, the app is available in seven of the eight countries in which Lefebvre Sarrut operates: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. A flow chart guides the user through the available options and will continue to be updated and delivered directly to the refugees for as long as they need it.

Olivier Campenon, Lefebvre Sarrut’s CEO, said: “Lefebvre Sarrut aims to act in line with our values and use our unique expertise to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to society. This new Refugees@Business Guide aligns with our mission to enable knowledge for a fairer, more efficient and sustainable society. To achieve this, we have made five commitments, the first of which is to guarantee access to the law. Through this app, we aim to help Ukrainian refugees access all the information they need to integrate into society as they find a safe haven in Europe.”


To translate the relevant content into Ukrainian, the group has been working with refugee translators in the Netherlands.


The Refugees@Business Guide is available free of charge from all app stores.


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About Lefebvre Sarrut

Lefebvre Sarrut is the European leader in legal, tax and regulatory knowledge. The group’s mission is to enable knowledge for a fairer, more efficient and sustainable society, focusing on HRD, CFO, legal and compliance Directors. With offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, the group provides publishing, training and software solutions to private companies, public sector and regulated professions (notaries, chartered accountants, lawyers, etc.). Lefebvre Sarrut registered revenues of €535 million in 2021 and employs 2,500 people. www.lefebvre-sarrut.eu


About the Immigration Guidance Foundation

Lefebvre Sarrut created the Immigration Guidance Foundation in 2017, with the aim of supporting refugees arriving in the Netherlands. An interactive platform is also available at https://www.immigrationguidance.eu/ukraine/.


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