Lefebvre Sarrut organizes a hackathon focused on generative AI in legal publishing

Paris La Défense, October 3, 2023

Lefevbre Sarrut, the European leader in legal and tax knowledge, is organizing its LightSpeed Hackathon, the first pan-Europe hackathon focused on generative AI in the legal publishing sector. On October 18-20, teams of students, legal professionals and Lefebvre Sarrut employees will tackle three challenges using the technological power of generative artificial intelligence combined with Lefebvre Sarrut content.

Lefebvre Sarrut brands Lefebvre Dalloz (France), Sdu (the Netherlands), Lefebvre (Spain), Larcier Intersentia (Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK), Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre (Italy) and Stollfuss (Germany) will provide participants with access to a wide range of their specialised content. They will also have the opportunity to build solutions with generative AI solutions, benefitting from the most advanced AI features to unleash their creativity and enhance their developments. They will also be supported by the Legal Hackers, an international collective of legal professionals promoting innovation through the legal design approach. More than 200 people have already signed up for this initiative, which will take place simultaneously in Paris, Madrid, Milan, The Hague, Leuven and Bonn.

Through the LightSpeed Hackathon, Lefebvre Sarrut is aiming to find new ways to make legal knowledge more accessible to everyone. Participants will work on three challenges:

  • Enabling knowledge for organizations and their advisors,
  • Revolutionizing legal writing, and
  • Improving access to justice.


Maria de la O Martinez, Innovation Director of Lefebvre Sarrut, said: “innovation is a key driver for our company’s growth. We’re committed to helping our clients stay one step ahead of their markets, which is why we’re developing initiatives like the Lightspeed Hackathon, which will drive the European legal publishing sector forward through collaboration. These activities provide leverage for us to lead the development and implementation of generative artificial intelligence for our clients.”

All the European teams will compete on an equal footing in terms of time and resources to present their proposals. In each country, a jury composed of Lefebvre Sarrut senior managers, one legal professional and a Legal Hackers local chapter member will designate the winning team and project on the evening of October 20. Then, on November 6, the six winning projects will be presented to a European jury, who will decide on the overall winner of the first LightSpeed Hackathon. This winner will receive an additional €5,000 award on top of the €2,500 each winning team will receive in the six countries.

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